Visit Canada and Reunite with Loved Ones Using Super Visa Insurance

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One great way to make visitations to Canada much easier is to avail of  Super Visa Insurance for parents visiting Canada. This Visa Insurance will ensure a fast and easy application for travel to Canada. Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents will find it easier to travel to Canada and reunite with their loved ones with the help of Super Visa.

Even travelers with pre-existing conditions can be eligible for insurance and travel. Most conditions that had been stable for the last three to six months are eligible for coverage, which is great for travelers with pre-existing conditions.

Traveling to Canada with Super Visa Insurance

When traveling through Super Visa Insurance for parents visiting Canada, it is advised that traveling parties should take precautionary measures, particularly those who have pre-existing conditions. Listed are some tips for parents who are suffering from diabetes and other health conditions:

  • Update Vaccination Records
      For parents who wish to travel to Canada, it is advised that they have their vaccination records updated prior to traveling. This is to ensure that all requirements will be submitted and approved to avoid hassle.


    This will also ensure that the traveler will be not prone to sickness and other health conditions caused by fatigue and exposure to a lot of people during travel.
  • Consultation with a Physician
    Before and after application for Super Visa Insurance for parents visiting Canada, it is advised that travelers should make an appointment with the health provider to ensure that they are fit for travel. Aside from ensuring the traveling parties are safe during travels, it would also help in the insurance application and eligibility.
    Bringing extra medication and food is also recommended for parents traveling to Canada.

Requirements for Super Visa Insurance Application

    Super Visa Insurance for parents visiting Canada need to ensure that everything in the application checklist has been taken care of to ensure that their application will be approved. Listed below are the things that parents need to submit or present to have their Super Visa Insurance approved:.
  • Application for Temporary Resident Visa
    This application should be duly completed before submission along with other requirements.
  • Complete Family Information
    Depending on the visa office, this form might be required.
  • Valid Passport, Two Valid Photos for Visa and Proof of Financial Support
    These documents are also required for the processing of the insurance.
  • Other Requirements
    Other requirements that can be submitted upon application are Completed Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union, Schedule 1 – Application for Temporary Resident Visa, photocopy of valid return ticket or travel itinerary and photocopy of current immigration document. These requirements need to be submitted only when applicable.
  • Proof of Completion of Upfront Medical Examination
    This is an optional requirement also.

When applying for Super Visa Insurance for parents visiting Canada, it is advised that traveling parties also get the proof of invitation, proof of parental relationship and proof of medical insurance coverage for easier and faster transaction and approval of Super Visa Insurance.

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