Super Visa Insurance for Grandparents Visiting Canada: Making Travel Easy

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Instead of waiting for eight months, grandparents only need to wait for eight weeks to be able to travel to Canada. With the help of Super Visa Insurance for grandparents visiting Canada, grandparents can travel to Canada without having all the pressure and long waiting. They only need to complete the Super Visa Insurance application and prove that they are eligible to have a visa.

When traveling with regular visa, grandparents need to renew their visa every six months to be able to stay in Canada for an extended period of time. But with this kind of Super Visa, traveling parties do not need to renew their visa for two years. Grandparents will have a long time to be with their family and friends when they visit their loved ones in Canada using Super Visa Insurance.

Easy Application and Great Assistance

When applying for Super Visa, application is simplified. After ensuring the all requirements are complete and forms duly filled up, grandparents will be assisted during application. This is to ensure that each client will be able to get the help and service that they need.

  • Eligibility
    Grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible for Super Visa Insurance for grandparents visiting Canada. A verification process will have to be carried out to ensure that the application will be easier and hassle-free.
    Travelers who wish to apply for Super Visa should present proof of their relationship with their Canadian hosts. Hosts should also submit proof that they have invited their guests and they are willing to offer financial assistance during the stay of their loved ones.
    The purpose of the visit of the travelers will also be verified and upon approval, the processing of the visa application will proceed.
  • Insurance and Medical History
    Availing of insurance from Canadian companies is a must to ensure that proper insurance plans are applied to the needs and requirements of the traveler. Proof of examination should also be submitted to ensure that tourists are fit to travel and their pre-existing medical conditions are stable. This is to ensure the safety of the clients. These requirements are needed upon application for Super Visa Insurance for grandparents visiting Canada

Requirements from Canadian Hosts

Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to invite their grandparents to visit Canada should also submit or have their grandparents submit the following requirements:

  • Written Commitment of Financial Support
    To be able to process the application for Super Visa Insurance, hosts need to provide a written commitment that states their intention to offer financial support to their grandparents during the latter’s stay.
  • Income Requirements
    Canadian hosts also need to submit income proof to show that they pass the income requirements for accepting guests to Canada.

Applying for Super Visa Insurance for Grandparents visiting Canada is now easier than ever. Thus, grandparents can now visit and have fun with the family and friends in Canada within a short period of time. Staying for a while is also not a problem since visitors can apply for a two-year temporary residency.

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