Everything You Have to Know about the Super Visa Insurance

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With Super Visa Insurance, visiting and staying in Canada will be much easier. Instead of waiting for eight long years just to get a visa for travel to Canada, visitors now only need to wait for eight short weeks to get their visa.

Parents and grandparents of Canada residents can now visit their loved ones easily and quickly with the help of Super Visa. Just by submitting all the requirements, travelers can start planning their vacation in Canada.

Visiting Loved Ones in Canada Has Never Been This Easy

    Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be able to travel to Canada when they have provided the needed requirements. Listed below are some of the requirements that are needed to be submitted or presented to be eligible for Super Visa Insurance:
  • Written Commitment of Financial Support
    Parents and grandparents who want to visit Canada through Super Visa should present a written commitment stating that the family who will receive the former will be able to provide financial support. There are income requirements needed for a family or person to obtain to be able to accept their loved ones who wish to visit them in Canada.
  • Canadian Medical Insurance
    For parents and grandparents who wish to travel to Canada, they also need to present proof that they have purchased Canadian Medical Insurance. The duration of the insurance should at least be one year long or should cover the time that the travelers will be staying in Canada.
    Visa officers will also have to check some prerequisites to ensure that traveling parties are eligible for travel to Canada.
  • Invitation from Canadian Hosts
    An invitation should also be submitted by traveling parties to prove that they have a family or friend that will receive them upon arrival in Canada. This requirement is to be evaluated and upon approval along with other requirements, Super Visa Insurance will be issued.
  • Financial Situation of Family or Host
    The financial situation of the family or host that will receive the traveling parties should also be verified. Included in the checklist are the income requirements, which will also be verified to ensure that the hosts can support the traveling parties financially.
  • Visit Purpose
    Aside from verifying the ability of the host to support the travelers visiting Canada, the purpose of the visit of the tourists will also be checked. When Visa officers find the traveler’s visit purpose to be eligible, along with other requirements, Super Visa Insurance would be issued.

Insurance and Health Condition

When the traveling party has a pre-existing condition that has been present even before the application for the insurance, evaluation of the condition should be commenced. Some policies cover pre-existing conditions while others do not. Hence, it is important to be evaluated to ensure whether the condition is covered or not.

During the evaluation of the condition, the stability of the condition will also be determined. If the traveler has had the condition for quite a while yet the condition has been stable for about three to six months already, the traveler may be eligible for travel and Super Visa Insurance. Though, not all stable conditions are eligible for insurance coverage. Nonetheless, it is quite a relief to know that travelers will still be able to get insurance even if they have pre-existing conditions that have been proven to be stable.

Getting a Super Visa Insurance will make traveling to Canada a whole lot easier. It will also enable visitors to stay in Canada for longer periods of time, without having the need to renew every six months during their stay.

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